Young Women Trust #NotWorthLess / ILLUSTRATION & ANIMATION


Young Women Trust is a small charity which supports young women on low or no pay in England and Wales. They approached me to direct and design a series of 4 short animations in support of their #NotWorthLess campaign against age discrimination in wages.

At present, under-25s are legally eligible for a lower minimum wage than over-25s, despite often doing the same work, having the same responsibilities and having the same costs to pay. Under-25s are basically paid less than their colleagues for the same job just because they’re younger. At the moment the law allows that.
#NotWorthLess is a calling on the Government to extend the National Living Wage to young people and significantly increase apprentice wages.

Each of the animations I realised tells the story of a young woman who struggled because of that and it’s narrated by the women themselves.





Design, Style-frames and Extracts

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Client: Young Women Trust /
Direction and Animation: David Benedetti /
Sound design: Dreikelvin /